Sunday, July 02, 2006

Topic Outline

Here are a few topics I would like to blog about / hear about:

Current All-Internet Systems for Public Health
Examples, with URLs

Participants should be identified and responsible for their contributions
Documents are data and data are documents--the end of database bondage
Every person and organization has web storage
Sharing is done with URLs, and, of course, permissions; no more sending and merging of data
Tools are free and easy to use
Public Health Surveillance is automatic and visual
Searching is part of clinical and public health routine

Emerging Tools, Platforms, Systems

Security--the Chasm in the way of progress—Solutions
Free speech does not mean anonymous speech

Your face, iris, fingerprints, and DNA, and can start your car, open doors, own your data, and interact on the web--but how? It has to be more fun than passwords and a pound of keys in your pocket.

Coverage--Should the Internet, water, and electricity be fundamental human rights?
How can constant Internet access be assured everywhere?
Until that time, how can systems be designed for intermittent access?

Economics--Who pays for what and how much would it cost?


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